Dating Again?

Are you DATING AGAIN? Congratulations!

mid-life-dating-againOk ok, some of you may not be celebrating the fact that you have to be out on the market dating again, or that you are still out here looking for Mr. Right. If you are like most of us, you are too tired, too busy, and too impatient for this process. Not to mention this is scary shit to do.

There it is. You have to be vulnerable again, hoping that it will work this time, putting your heart on the line… Or not. Some of you may be holding back — guarding, testing — to see if he is going to measure up. Especially if you are 50-something, just got dumped or left from your husband of 20-plus years, and you are now looking to date again.  Eeeek! That’s hard stuff. Talk about a midlife crisis.

What About SEX?

And, hey ho, what about the sex thing? Yea that! What if you think you are not that good at it, or that he may be the one who is not so good at it? You might have to do stuff that you don’t want to do. Or there are things that you crave to have done for you, but you’re not sure how to negotiate that tricky terrain…. OY!

Wouldn’t it feel good to have a private space to support and guide you? Join our new DATING AGAIN? relationship coaching membership community!

Now, for those of you who recently exploded into your SEX, and are out there fucking everything in sight because you now can (with or without your husband) –woohoo! and congratulations!!

As much fun as that may sound, it’s not without treacherous pitfalls, right? Maybe you are still married and together with your husband have decided that you two are going to explore and open up this marriage to include other people. Or maybe you are secretly having an affair because this is the only way you can have your cake and eat it too.

These situations are gigantic mine fields. One wrong move and everything blows up in your face. The amount of fun, excitement and discovery are equally met with insecurity, psycho-drama, ego crushing and just plain old too much emotion and confusion to handle.

You can start to feel like you live about three life times in one week, and/or are split and living two separate lives. You may need a place to catch and hold you, to help you sort out what is happening, and to learn new skills to negotiate through these mine fields.

YAHOOOOO!!! That is why I am here.

I know this place inside out. I have been on all sides of the spectrum: from the scared and frigid wife who withheld sex from her husband (and herself); to becoming the HOT, sexy, horny Asian at 42 wanting to be serviced all day long; to being a divorcee dating and rebuilding my relationships in my late forties; and now your personal coach to guide through this process.

For many years now, in my one-on-one coaching work with my clients, I have assisted many women (and men too) to make sense out of dating and relationships with the opposite sex. I now want to make this once exclusive service more accessible to everyone who wants and needs this precious support!

The Great Stuff You will get by joining DATING AGAIN?

1. A safe place to come where your plight is understood & your pain is felt . When everyone else around you looks at you with horror, judgment, and terrible advice to go back to the old ways, the DATING AGAIN? community is here for you.

2. Weekly access to an expert crisis and relationship coach who will listen, guide, explain, and help correct your course so you don’t repeat the same old pattern or make a big mess of your life.

3. Your place within a community of women who are going through the same pressures and fears. Use this place to lean on each other, cocoon in, and share your learning and experience. This is so critical now when you feel very lonely and the future seems so scary and unknown.

4. And another thing, this also is a place to celebrate the heck out of the crazy & wild sex that you’re having! We have cookies.

Get More Out of Your Relationship/s!

So whether you are 40+ and DATING AGAIN? or you are discovering and loving your wild and sexy self, while wanting so much more out of your relationship/s, DATING AGAIN? IS FOR YOU!

Join us today and enjoy our special launch price of only $29.95/mo for life. (This price will go up to $99/mo in the near future)

Your new DATING AGAIN? membership includes:

1. Attend two live 1-hour interactive group coaching calls per month on midlife dating and relationship with Mai Vu.  Get your questions answered and personal attention in a group format with Mai.

2. Access to previously recorded calls in our archive if you can not dial in live.

3. Email your personal questions and situations ahead of time to be addressed on the calls.

4. Have full membership to the rest of our site where you will be invited to special Google+ hangouts discussing all aspects of sex and sexuality with experts and coaches in the field.

5. Enter the Treasure Chest, a very special and private environment and community where we take our clothes off and bare all. Talking and sharing openly on ways to develop and get in touch with our sexuality. (You don’t have to be naked literally, btw.)

6. Enjoy a risk-free 30-day grace period so you can check out the DATING AGAIN? relationship coaching community, before we charge your credit card for the monthly membership fee. You can cancel anytime.

100% Money Back Guarantee if You Don’t Just Love Us!

7. And of course….Everything we offer is 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If you use our service and do not get benefit from it, we will refund your money.

So don’t risk waiting because the price will be going up soon?  Join today for only $29.95 for the first 20 members for life.  After that the monthly membership fee will increase to $59.95.  Always enjoy a FREE 30 days trial and money-back guarantee!

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Fine print:

We will refund your money for the current month’s subscription no question asked.